Amsterdam is one of the most colourful cities in the world.

We want to talk about our culture and yours! Feed you things you've probably never heard of (fried gravy?). Bring you to places where locals have been sharing brews & tales for hundreds of years.

So you can understand and experience the real Amsterdam.

And have a f*cking good time.

We know you're here for the beer. We got you.

But we want to give you more than that.

8 max







3,5 hours

Thurs - Sat


  • A selection of 7 award-winning and the best local craft beers + more good stuff

  • Delicious Dutch snacks (vegetarian or burst into flames if you eat a nut? Tell us when you book! We'll take care of ya)

  • An exciting exploration of Amsterdam's drinking culture at diverse godfather drinking establishments and more

  • The company of your local beer buddy (or as we call ourselves, "beer geishas"

  • Your personal "TripAdvisor" from the start to finish of your Amsterdam trip. At your service! Just email us anytime.

  • Our forever friendship <3.  We mean it. If you return to Amsterdam, connect with us and we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest. *Pinky promise*

  • Our experiences run at 8pm, but it changes sometimes (we have lives, too). Please check our availability and timing by clicking "Book Now"

  • Can't make it at our scheduled time? Contact us. We'll figure something out. We (almost) always do.

  • Our groups are kept small to 8 max to ensure everyone gets our divided attention and love. Got a bigger group? Email us!

  • Our experiences run, no matter the weather. Cheers to Dutch courage!

  • Wanna book this for a beer-loving friend? Click on "Book now", select number of tickets, then click on "I would like to buy the ticket(s) as a gift." Voila!

Do you offer gluten-free / reduced beers?

Yes, but please let us know when you fill up the booking form. Dutchies are bionic. So gluten-free / reduced options aren't as plentiful. We do have a few, though, we can't order half a bottle to split, so instead of 7 beers, you'll be able to enjoy around 4-5 types. But we'll make it up with other stuff, and you'll still have a fab time. Promise. 

What if I don't drink beer? Can I still join?

You're absolutely welcome. Some of our most memorable experiences were with non-beer drinkers! We have other offerings like wines, local spirits, ciders and quality soft drinks. No cocktails since we have a budget. But we're not monsters and you'll leave with a smile.

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