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Amsterdam is a goddamn village. Just ask anyone on the street! Everyone seems to know each other and there's no easier city to do a flash mob in (remember those days?).

In a city teeming with tours ranging from "meh" to "sensational!", here are some of our semi-biased picks

for the (other) best things to do in Amsterdam. Trust us, you will thank us.

And by that, yes we'll have that beer with you!

You're welcome. :)


Amsterdam is a city famous for many things. The sky-high tolerance, places where you can get sky-high (aka coffee shops), our red light district, bicycles, more bicycles! It can be a real tough cookie of a city to get to know.

Thankfully, Who Is Amsterdam Walking Tour is here to help you get under the skin of Amsterdam. They believe the people make the city. Instead of facts and figures, they share the inspiring stories of 8 unique Amsterdammers who personify the themes of sex work, diversity, coffee shops, bicycles and more. Like Humans of New York, this tour provides you snippets of how life works in Amsterdam, leaving you with a deeper connection to the city.


Join them and discover just Who Is Amsterdam! Includes a damn good slice of Dutch apple pie and a delish craft beer.


For a good 3 years and shortly before starting Brews and Tales, Rachael was part of the Hungry Birds and a full-time feeder with them. During her time there, she happily learned a lot and discovered there's much more to Amsterdam than pancakes and haring. Oh, and cheese.

Amsterdam may not be known for its rich food culture, but she has delicious things to be enjoyed. The Hungry Birds Street Food Tour has gathered a collection of local street foods ranging from traditional Dutch to Indonesian, Surinamese, all in different neighbourhoods. Whether it's an introduction to Dutch food or your umpteenth time in Amsterdam, you can be sure to find an experience that suits you. Hear the stories of how the vendors started. Taste the fruit of their labor. Enjoy one of their street food adventures with them and you will not leave hungry.


Rachael's first job in Amsterdam was at a improv theatre called Boom Chicago. That's where she met Neil, Jesse and Alex, the masterminds behind the baddest boys cruising on Amsterdam's canals. Those Dam Boat Guys were perhaps the first people who dreamt of a canal cruise experience that takes people through the narrowest canals in a casual  and chilled setting. And they sure did.

It's BYOB (bring your own booze + whatever you want to smoke *winkwink*). Boats are small and open. Your captain is funny, friendly and has the decency to throw out the occasional F-bomb. Get 5% off using promo code "WIA". You're welcome.



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