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Amsterdam craft Beer Tour

The best beers in Amsterdam and the stories behind them.


Beer nation


Since the beer-ginning (yeah, we did that), Amsterdammers have been sharing brews and tales at their favourite watering holes. This all-in-one experience takes you to an eclectic mix of Amsterdam's best craft beer establishments to continue this tradition and discover the heart of Dutch drinking culture.



We serve you a curated and diverse selection of the best Dutch and Amsterdam craft beer that'll knock your socks off.


(Some have won awards!)



Dutchies were the first people to distill spirits.


Enjoy the national drink of the Dutch at a spot where

Rembrant used to get his inspo.


Great beer + Good people


Beer is a social lubricant. This experience is beyond just a few glasses of beer. Our small-group experience gives you the chance to connect with new friends from all over the globe and have a fucking good time.


We know you're here for the beer. But there's so much more.

Amsterdam is one of the most colourful cities in the world. We wanna help you dive into the Amsterdam lifestyle and the Dutch psyche. Talk about our culture and yours -- explore how we're similar and how we differ. Feed you things you've probably never heard of. All while saying "Cheers" over delish Amsterdam beer.






(excl. 6% booking fee)

3,5 hours

8 max


2 pm

  • A curated selection of 6 awesome and (some) award-winning local craft beers and a local spirit you need to try.

  • 3 delicious Dutch snacks you can't find at your local bar.

  • Visit 4 unique and iconic Amsterdam bars and microbrewery and their BTS stories beyond the guidebooks.

  • Fun (and sometimes irreverent) tidbits and stories about life in Amsterdam

  • Your Amsterdam friend with tons of personality and top recommendations for the rest of your stay

  • Cool perks for beer geeks and food lovers (you gotta book to know)

  • Our "bail-you-out-of-jail" friendship and no-strings-attached love

  • We only run this experience when there's min. 3 people. The more the merrier!

  • Our groups are kept small to 8 max to make sure you get our divided attention.


  • Our experiences run rain, snow or shine.

  • Gluten-free? We have gluten-reduced and free options, but please let us know ASAP.

  • Vegan? Sorry, that's pretty hard in a country that runs on cheese. We'll try!

  • Don't drink beer? You're not alone. Many others like you have joined us and enjoyed the experience! We have tons of great alternatives for ya. No cocktails or champagne. 'Cos we have a budget.

  • The 6% booking fee goes to our booking platform which makes the magic happen so we can take care of you.

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